Software Shopping: A Recipe for Success – Part 5: Completing the Selection

In Parts 1-4 of this series, we discussed shopping concepts, menu planning, ingredients lists, business scenarios, request for proposals (RFP’s) and scripted demos.  Now it’s time to select the software solution that best meets your needs.

The demonstration scorecards prepared in Part 4 should be compiled and analyzed.  However, just like any good meal has several courses and many tastes and textures, your needs are not one-dimensional.  The overall selection criteria should include functionality, technology, vendor experience and qualifications, implementation methodology and resources, post implementation support, and total cost of ownership (up front and on-going, one-time and recurring).

Make sure you have gathered all the information you need to make an informed evaluation of all the criteria.

Many consultants view the selection process as one of exclusion, narrowing down the field to arrive at a single “winner”.  I do not.  Instead, I view this as a process of inclusion; the goal being to arrive at the software solution or solutions that best meet your needs.  If at the end of the selection process we have identified two solutions that meet all your selection criteria, then the process has been successful and you can’t make a bad decision.

I hope you have enjoyed this five-course meal.  Following the process described in this series will be your recipe for success.

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To see how the above process fits into an overall business transformation framework, please look at the diagram on the Services page of this website.

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